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Strategic Planning

Major enterprise in Shanghai area specialized for investment construction and operation management of public information infrastructure, such as information pipeline, urban fiber, shared machine room, etc

Our goal of development

For customers, greater value is created
For employees, better development is provided
For shareholders, more profits are contributed

"Twelfth five-year plan" strategic goal of company

Actively conduct investment construction and operating management of a fair, open, proper and advanced public information communication infrastructure platform in Shanghai, and make continual efforts in order to become one of the major forces that spur the "smart city" information construction of Shanghai.
A provider of public information foundation transmission resources and its professional third-party outsourcing services for various types of customers.
All-round service provider of public information communication foundation transmission resources
A supplier of regional public information communication infrastructure platform and related professional third-party services.

Our operation philosophy

Provide cost-effective products and services to satisfy the demands of market and customers, bring higher additional value to customers, and better improve the quality of products and services.

Our core capacities

Products, fast delivery capacity
Resources, safety control capacity
Business, innovation and development capacities

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